Being a LEADER – A major issue

and a highly-coveted role

Give me a place to stand and I will move the Earth!

Mirror, my beautiful mirror… am I the ideal leader I’m dreaming of?

A leader pulls a group up. The aim: Being in the image of that leader whose language, set between desire and power, attracts and inspires.

Leadership is multi-dimensional. Some of the dimensions to which we are particularly committed are:

Charisma, or a leader who

  • Is naturally authoritative, attracts, unites, energises and drives.
  • Can use his body, voice and emotions to serve his ideas.
  • Has that extra presence made of generosity and obviousness.

Vision, or a leader who

  • Aims high and far, and always is a couple of lengths ahead.
  • Has an overall vision, gives sense, and clarifies complexity.
  • Integrates the major issues of our times (globalisation, new technology, sustainable environment etc).
  • Develops a clear vision of projects, and shows the “magnetic North”.

Creativity, a leader who

  • Believes in the future, and dares to take risks and innovate.
  • Has an open, inquiring mind and is open to changet.
  • Follows his instincts (radar), anticipates and quickly finds alternatives.

Reassurance, or a leader who

  • Conveys serenity and self-control.
  • Cares for others, is open-minded and tolerant.
  • Turns his team members’ stress into confidence and motivation.

The Whole brain leader: a fourfold increased impact!

In the light of Herrmann’s “thinking preferences” model, a leader should develop the entirety of his 4 quadrants.

Being in turn a visionary and a logician, a communicator and an organiser.

A leader has a real influence on his audience, or his team, when he combines the left and right brain hemispheres with the “Thinking” and “Feeling” levels