Public Speaking

Convincing an audience is a strategic factor
to mobilise energies

He wants to sell us life, but hasn’t even got a sample to show

That’s right. But being right isn’t enough!

You also need to motivate, cause much-solicited teams to subscribe to your ideas, and have your ideas shared by watchful, over-informed audiences. Being intellectually self-confident and abstractly convincing an audience isn’t enough: you also have to move, win over and reassure your audience. A speaker, just like an actor, also needs to overcome a paradox: “playing a role” while being entirely genuine.

As a manager, you must skilfully convey the speech that drives. To this end, you must be the author, performer and director of your own services. This requires being trained and coached and making progress.

Every day is an oral exam

Whatever is at issue – public presentations, tender presentations, presentations at meetings, more formal contributions, corporate conventions, roundtables, interviews, press conferences etc – and whatever the audience:

Speakers should:

  • Control their nerves,
  • Give up non-straight speech,
  • Show conviction and charisma,
  • Give free rein to body language and


  • Be able to control contradiction in front of a demanding, or even challenging audience


  • Go to the essentials, and bring out and illustrate the key idea,
  • Enhance their ideas and rely on a legible, dynamic structure,
  • Adjust to the type of audience,
  • Arouse interest and conclude in a prompting way,
  • Express themselves in an oral style, both concise and colourful,
  • Giving life to synthetic, clear visual aids and…

Public speaking is a skill you can learn and work on… that’s the price for talent.

Our business is to help you make progress and coach you

An actor’s work and a “dress rehearsal” -> visible progress!
We act simultaneously at two levels of public speaking:

1. Speaker’s stage presence: at ease, lively, concentrated and convincing.

2. The message: clear views, powerful arguments, and an effective structure.

Such development work will be conducted either in small, consistent and motivated groups, or as one-to-one coaching. The pace and form will be determined with each client on the basis of their own context and personal needs.

Expertise’s Avant-Scène

Senior consultants, both coaches & actors, that are familiar with the corporate world
Coming from the stage, journalism and corporate communications, all are experienced practitioners of public speaking. This is one of Avant-Scène’s powerful, recognised legitimacies