Team Avant-Scene

A team of “talent enlighteners experts”

When a man dreams alone, he is in his own dream. When he shares his dream with others, it becomes real
Armand Gatt

20 experienced consultants and coaches

  • Familiar with the company world, some of them as leaders and managers
  • Most of them with a theatrical background
  • Experts in communication and pedagogy
Most of them teach leadership and public speaking techniques in grandes écoles and universities : Groupe HEC (MBA, CPA, CRC), Groupe INSEAD (CEDEP), Ecole Polytechnique, THALES University… Our expert in marketing development is a lecturer at Groupe HEC et à l’ESCP-EAP : management of sales force and operational tutoring of new strategies. Many of Avant-Scene consultants run their courses in French, English or Spanish

Francis Kaufmann

directeur associé

Francis Kaufmann Since thirty years, advises companies in operational management, organization and business development. It acts as an advisor, coach and trainer. Its customers are both large companies and SMEs in developing and growing. He co-led several consulting firms: the COGEF Group, IGA, SLC, CAA and Avant-Scène. He also works as a professor lecturer in Groups HEC, ESCP Europe and the master bank marketing Nanterre. He graduated Economics and Political Science (1970) and the HEC MBA (ISA 73).

Alain Duclos

directeur associé

Alain Duclos He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and worked as an engineer at Institut Français du Pétrole. Thereafter he trained himself in the theatre and became an actor and director. Later he worked with the corporate world (conferences, conventions, corporate TV magazines etc) and trained himself in coaching and training. He takes on assignments for Avant-Scene as a consultant, trainer and coach in the fields of communications, leadership, management and human resources. He advises and coaches directors, executives and managers of major groups and teaches communications and leadership: Paris Bar, BOUYGUES Cons- truction University, CPA-HEC, Geneva Business School (HEC), Ecole des Télécommunications, Polytechnique, THALES University. He works both in French and English and manages Avant-Scène’s bilingual consultants.