Someone who takes action

Theater is the ferment of all transformations
Antoine Vitez

Theater has always played a role in the development of societies. It stimulates innovation, self-control and it enables people to identify and express their emotional potential. It develops team spirit and increases the pleasure of succeeding together.

Group advantages

Going from “I” to “we”:

Achieving together what was thought impossible alone

Developing creativity:

Thanks to the impact of the group and confidence from others


Show to stand back, listen to others… and oneself

Having pleasure in a team:

Role-playing federates; it is the driving force of action and challenge

Giving sense to collective action:

Theatre plays with signs, it gives food for thought


Individual advantages

Let oneself go:

Physical involvement, opening up, giving up all forms of protection while remaining strong

Taking risks

Enriching communication and action with sensitiveness and experience


How to give, how to be received


Enriching communication and action with sensitiveness and experience

Charisma, presence, self-confidence:

Tools of leadership and self-value


A customized approach: rewording, involving and operational

Examples of pedagogical games inspired by theater:

(animated English or French)

  • The Aquarium, la Clinique de Jouvence, la Diagonale de l’impassible
  • Improvisations, Stories without words, Tableaux vivants, the Infernale Machine, the Ideal Machine
  • Mock trials: Tribunal des flagrants délires (based on games of consequences)
  • “I accuse!”, Notorious trials, staging renowned trials…
  • Working as an actor on voice and body (using masks of the Commedia dell’Arte, juggling)
  • “On Stage!”, Journal “News of the Year”, Theatre-Flash, Evening at the Cabaret…


Daring to consider things differently

These are the talent of our “right-hand side brain”

The best way to predict the future is to create it
Peter Drucker

In the competitive game, being creative has become managers’ major competence: piloting new projects, innovating, making decisions, involving the team, delegating…
From now on, creativity is at the heart of managers’ choices and practices

Group advantages

Some examples of techniques and creative games:

  • Mental card, scenario of the angel, scenario of the devil, scenario of the great competitor
  • Analogies, scenarisation of attitudes or managerial practices connected to the company world
  • Let’s crush, perfume on the radio, photolanguage, portraying values…