A book, 36 practical notes, 30 videos



Do you want to be able to speak in public in a clear, lively and convincing manner? 

Do you want to turn your fear of the audience into the pleasure of feeling them carried by your words?

Do you want to engage your audience and lead them wherever you want? 

This book is for you!

Enhanced by illustrations and videos, this complete guide will give you the keys to:
- building your messages and controlling your stress
- being at ease with your gestures and using the power of your voice
- building and using an effective PowerPoint suppor
- developing your knowledge further, towards neuroscience or even rhetoric


For meetings or congresses, for television or visioconferencing, or even in front of the media, public speaking will no longer be a secret for you.


English version to come


20 000 copies

already sold

and today

a fifth edition



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