Our belief: corporate players have talent 


This talent needs to be revealed and given a stage. Change is always a human challenge: motivating teams and giving meaning to the actions they need to undertake.

This entails drawing on our emotional resources, which help develop self-confidence and

confidence in others, and generate cohesion

The "Head - Heart - Body" approach:  

Conjugating reflection, emotion and action

Head : conceptual
the intellectual/the scientist/
the philosopher...
Heart :  emotional
the woman/man with heart
Body : factual
the woman/man on the field 

A customized approach: rewarding, involving and operational


  • Made-to-measure: each pedagogical action is designed as a prototype which takes into account the company culture and its context.

  • Associating management and targeted audience with tact and passion : “train/motivate/transform”.


  • Elaborating fun and innovative training which fosters self-experimentation : creative activities inspired by theatre, real life situations, personalized scenarios, hands-on workshops, role-plays and video-training.


  • Using our theatrical roots and experience to enrich our pedagogical approach: through empathy, a sense of rhythm and animation, intuition, enjoyment,  emotional intelligence and self-development. 


  • Working rigorously towards targeted pedagogical results. 


For examples of specific actions and issues see “References”



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