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A global player in construction, public works, energy and services


SEMINAR ULYSSE for High Potentials

Bouygues Construction set up training programmes for their high potential managers. 

(Ulysse, Marco Polo). 

Bringing together employees from across the board, these programmes share the same objective : They offer support in managerial responsibility and development towards global positions.


Our action : « Speaking in Public »

A 2.5 day residential seminar for groups of 18 participants In French or English


PROGRAMMES : « Motivate and Convince » for HR or Campus managers

How to  give a positive image to Bouygues Construction to attract tomorrow’s talent 


SEMINAIRES CAP EVOLUTION for Financial Controllers

To boost presentations in front of expert panels 


DEFI BOUYGUES : competition for students graduating from High Schools and Universities

Coaching and training for candidates to develop their interventions




To respond to the challenges of the complex and fast-moving business environment :

- Grow innovation in the R&D

- Develop occasions for growth

- Adapt the organisation to new challenges


The company needs inspiring leaders and great communicators. For this reason they launched an important training programme delivered in English and French:

- “Developing leaders to be Impactful Communicators”. Public: Senior Leadership and Executives. 


Main objectives

- Develop confidence, ease of expression, storytelling.

- Control body language and vocal presence.

- Argue and structure to be convincing and persuasive.


Training delivered via 3 options

- « CORE MODULE » two days collective training.

- « COACHING » to answer specific needs.

- «WORKSHOPS » for a deep dive into different disciplines linked to public speaking « Storytelling », «PowerPoint” “Q&A”…


THALES Université

One of the main leaders in Defence, Space, Security and aerospace

AVANT-SCENE CONSEIL has been a privileged training partner since. 

We have set up numerous training actions:


Training across the board

- Develop your impact in public speaking, two day programme using video.
- Boost the impact of your PowerPoint supports.
- Training designed for specific responsibilities: Engineers and System Engineers,   Software architects, Support functions …


Senior Manager Programme, Expert Leadership Programme…


THALES Group and Subsidiairies



- Replying to Bids, Executive briefing, Thales Days, Awards Ceremonies, Experience feedback for Learning   Expeditions…


The Agency is an internationally renowned  « Centre of Expertise and Excellence » in the areas of environment, food and occupational health and safety


The request : Design and implement an action around «  Management Guidelines »

- To allow every manager to understand and act within his/her role of responsibility.

- To strengthen management and team leadership. 

- Developing managers as the main actors in the change process.


Key areas of our actions

- Working with the Management Board to set up « Shared Values » and « Management Guidelines ».

- 2 day training for all managers (more than 160 people) using real case studies and interactive exercises.

- Practical application,  with personalised objectives and Feedback on experience with exchange of best practices..

- Regular exchange with the Direction to follow up on actions implemented.

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