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Speech can overcome everything, providing it is free and genuine… as such, it wields incredible power.

Philippe Breton


Every day offers the occasion to speak in public

For public presentations - to an association, at a congress, to shareholders…

For corporate presentations - to senior leaders, to a town hall, to teams, to new colleagues… 

For informal presentations - in meetings, internal, with third parties, external…

And sometimes in between meetings, at the coffee machine, over lunch, or even in the elevator!


Being intellectually self-confident is good but it isn’t enough


You also have to motivate, mobilise your teams, share your convictions with sometimes sceptical audiences. 

You have to move, seduce and reassure your public.

Your objective : to express yourself easily and effectively 

  • You must be able to skilfully convey AND deliver the message that hits home. 

  • You need to control your nerves.

  • Show conviction and charisma.

  • Be clear and concise.

  • Be at ease with your body language.


Turn your stress into a positive resource

  • Know how to recognize and tame your stress.

  • Know how to build your confidence equity upstream.

  • Use belly breathing to keep calm and focus.

  • Shift to action mode.


We will give you the keys to organize and structure your arguments:

  • Answer the five key questions, essential to the preparation of all presentations. 

  • Know how to argue using the three pillars of the “Greek Triangle”: Head/Heart/Body.

  • Reason with the traditional structure (to the point and rule of three).

  • Ensure that emotion and storytelling play a true role  (using chronology and dramaturgy).


We act in every area linked to public speaking

  • Build and script your PowerPoint slides, animate and chair debates, talk to the media, animate television and video conferences.


Public speaking is an art, but it can be acquired and developed…

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