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Man of the plains, why are you climbing the mountain? To see the plain.        Chinese Proverb


Why coaching?


To reveal your potential, and develop  self-confidence. 
To learn to adapt your behaviour to specific contexts.
To improve your leadership and your communication. 
To develop your team so they work and perform better together.


Development Coaching 
Sef-development : relationships, leadership, influence, assertiveness, dealing with stress…


Strategic Coaching
Moving to a new level, preparing for future responsibility or a new organization, assuming a new job;

defining the role and priorities, a project strategy…


Leadership Coaching

At those decisive moments, a manager finds him/herself increasingly alone. Sometimes, it can seem like a blind spot, because « what he/she doesn’t know yet…he/she doesn’t know” 
Professional and impartial trainer, the coach is a catalyser, a guide and an effective support for the manager: drawing on inner potential and teaching to learn from self. 


Coaching, the art of « how »

The psychologist listens to the « why », the coach asks « how ».
Through listening and an approach focused on realistic objectives  framed by the manager, the Avant-Scène coach works on the here and now.


Coaching Methods

« Maieutic »: constant empathy, active listening (asking the right questions), constructive and sincere feedback from the coach.


The coach « confronts » the coachee’s beliefs (mental representations), his/her tactical choices, attitudes and behaviours. Then in-situ, to test and vaildate new options.

Comportment training (speaking in public, running meetings, conducting an interview…) : training using video to allow for a deeper analysis and self-awareness, and, in addition, to realise progress made.

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