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Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth.



You want to be a leader who knocks down obstacles and reduces distances. 

One who leads the team further than imagined.

One whose speeches convince and inspire.


Here are some dimensions of this leadership to which we are especially attached :


        The charismatic Leader


  • One who has natural authority, attracts, unites, energises and drives,

  • who knows how to use the body, voice and emotions to serve his/her ideas,

  • who has that extra presence made up of generosity and evidence.


The visionary Leader


  • One who aims far and wide , and is always is a couple of steps ahead,

  • who has an overall vision, brings meaning, and clarifies complexity,

  • who integrates the major issues of our times (globalisation, new technology, sustainable environment etc),

  • who develops a clear vision of projects.


The creative Leader 

  • One who believes in the future, and dares to take risks and innovate,

  • who has an open, inquiring mind and is open to change,

  • who follows his/her instincts, anticipates and quickly finds alternatives,


The reassuring Leader

  • One who conveys serenity and self-control,

  • who cares for others, is open-minded and tolerant,

  • who turns his/her team’s stress into confidence and motivation.


The «whole-brain» Leader quadruples his/her impact


Using Herrmann’s “thinking preferences” model, to fully develop the 4 quadrants.

Being in turn a visionary and pragmatist, a communicator and an organiser.

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