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 " What makes Man is his great ability to adapt "


Virtually a CLICK away!


In just 9 months our way of communicating has undergone a huge change .

Today our corporate world is mainly "VIRTUAL" . 

Meetings, presentations, job interviews, training... mostly take place online.

We ZOOM,  we SKYPE,  we WEBEX...


For many people this is a challenge because communicating through theses channels is far from intuitive!


We get to work !

Our Avant-Scène team donned their creative hats to adapt and translate our expertise of "Talent Trainers" for this new, virtual environment.

This collective work is our springboard for designing and delivering customised solutions to answer the training, coaching and accompaniment needs of our clients




Among our customised training programmes and actions designed for virtual 


  • Public Speaking - Impact/Influence/Convince in the Virtual world

  • Integration and Team Building workshops


  • Accompaniment for the Virtual Town Hall 


  • Engage and  motivate the remote team


  • Individual Coaching

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