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The best way to predict your future is to create it.

Peter Drucker

A responsibility that is both noble and essential

Ensure the manager is able to understand and embody his/her role

Shift from a logic of function to a logic of mission

To think team and shared challenges 

To make the human dimension an essential source for efficacy

To be a teacher and a coach, to drive and grow the development of each team member

To master the methods, attitudes and behaviours of a manager’s role (best practices) 

A function which relies on 4 key competencies



  • Giving sense to action, and having its intentions known.

  • Explaining the issues, the PROJECT, and the aims, and the steps.

  • Promoting positive visions and attitudes.

  • Having shared values, boosting team cohesion and player co-operation.



  • Being future-oriented and looking for superior performance.

  • Co-ordinating roles and responsibilities.

  • Organising lateral relations.

  • Directing and piloting activity, delegating assignments etc…



  • Training, coaching, promoting professional development, and developing initiatives.

  • Showing sincere kindness: 100% kind and 100% demanding.

  • Congratulating, criticising, stimulating (signs of recognition) and expressing genuine confidence.

  • Remaining available and listening, expressing feelings, being fair, and accepting consequences…


Organising and assessing

  • Organising and managing priorities; being proactive.

  • Controlling, assessing activities, and correcting defective practice.

  • Analysing and rewarding good results.

  • Taking action against “offside” attitudes or behaviours.


The manager is like the conductor of a symphony orchestra, 

Sharing the partition, bringing unison and harmony, enhancing each soloist’s talent, giving the right tempo.

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