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A team of around 15 experienced consultants.


  • With inside knowledge of the corporate environment, many have been directors or managers

  • Men & women from the Theatre world

  • Experts in communication and pedagogy


In addition to corporate training action,s many of the team train leadership  and communication skills in Business schools and universities: Groupe HEC(MBA, CPA, CRC), Groupe INSEAD(CEDEP), Ecole Polytechnique, THALES University… 

Alain Duclos

After graduating as an « Ingénieur Polytechnicien » from the Institut Français du Pétrole, I entered the theatre world as an actor and director. I then moved into the corporate world (congresses, conventions, internal TV magazines) and I trained in communication and coaching.
Within Avant-Scène, I provide consulting, training and coaching in communication, leadership, management and human resources for clients such as Thales, Sanofi, Bouygues, Société Générale…

I work with senior leaders, managers and executives from large corporations train in French and English 

Associate director


Francis Kaufmann

Associate director

With an MBA, (HEC) in Management and in Economy (Economic Science and Political Science), I have developed and managed several consultancy and training  companies.

I accompany companies for their change management strategies, and I have worked in various business sectors (energy, banking/insurance, real estate, tourism, transport, industry, health and safety…). I train and co-animate to strengthen synergies between commercial/operational and support teams, always putting the client, internal or external, in the centre.

Virginie Le Bastard

Associate director

For 18 years, with a Master’s in human resources, I accompanied different companies developing their Human Resources processes : Recruitment, Training, Mobility, Learning Development.

I then became a Training Consultant in Operational and Strategic Management and in HR Development for groups in the private sector.

I train in Conflict and Stress Management, accompany individuals and teams for Change and Crisis Management . I also coach individually and train co-development practices.


Laurent Bourquin

Associate director

Background in journalism and theatre. A theatre manager, a stage director and playwrite, then artistic director for Cruise liner companies. I then became a trainer/consultant in areas of interpersonal development : public speaking, conflict management, management…

I coach senior leaders, managers and company executives from large groups such as Total, Société Générale, ANSES, Bouygues, Thales… I also teach communication and leadership in business schools (CPA-HEC, HEC Genève, École Polytechnique…). I train in French and Spanish

Ann Lee

Associate director

Teacher of Art and Theatre, I left the UK for Paris where I set up a training company specialised in Business English and communication.

I design and train programmes for public speaking, storytelling, debating, negotiation, teambuilding… My work takes me around the globe : USA, Japan, China, Latin America…

Bilingual (English/French) I work as a consultant and coach for senior leaders, managers and executives belonging to large corporations (Sanofi, Thales, Bouygues…).


Sophie Mercier

Associate director

After graduating as an Agricultural Engineer (Ina-pg), I followed my passion for theatre, becoming an actress and stage director. I then trained as a consultant coach for public speaking in the corporate world. I train and coach communication, assertiveness, management and leadership.
I also animate train-the-trainer and co-development programmes. I accompany senior leaders, managers and executives from large corporations such as Thales, Leroy Merlin, Groupe Rocher, Eiffage, APM…




Peter Barrett

Associate director

Franco-British speaker, trainer and consultant, I have been committed to promoting deep societal change for the past 10 years.

First, in associations, and then with clients such as BNPP, L’Oréal, Sanofi as well as Deezer and Content Square, to shape mindsets and behaviours through innovative and inspiring learning methods and by always staying close to participants’ reality.

I was trained in negotiation and media training by the British FCO, the BBC and the French ENA, as well as  in actors techniques by Hollywood coaches

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Sara Turman

Associate Director

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