A Book

Demain je parle en public

Thierry Destrez

As long as a man knows he is going to die, he will never relax.
Woody Allen

Also translated in Spanish and Italian.

Who has never been panic-striken at the idea of speaking in public?

SIf you have, there are techniques of oral and corporal expressions, of self-control and persuasion to enable you to learn and make significant progress.

This book clearly explains the fundamental principles with witch to elaborate a quality speech.

Il It helps you structure your speech, become self-confident and get physically and morally ready. You will thus master your gestures, your choice, your emotions and… your ideas.

Since public figures choose to call upon the services of a coach, a whole chapter is devoted to the secret of great professional: leaders politicians, managers…

Finally, using your mental preferences and thanks to Herrmann’s model of “total brain” you will discover in this 4th edition how to develop your own talent as an orator.