Our belief:

corporate players have talent

To achieve great things, no great genius is needed: one has to be with men. Not above them.
Léonard De Vinci

The “Head – Heart – Body” approach

Associating thought, emotion and action

Head: Thinking in view of a vision, analytical and global approaches

Heart: Human factor and respect of values; listening to others and being persuasive

Body: Being concrete and operational; getting (deeply) involved in action with determination and persistence

The issue: Building meaning, being convincing, mobilising and acting


Our specific fields

Counselling, Training & Coaching since 1992


Stimulating “global” intelligence, federating on vision, on values and projects. Involving the corporate players and promoting a real horizontal dynamic structure within the company as well as the pleasure of succeeding together


Expressing key issues and the essence of projects with clarity and conviction, asserting oneself in public speaking and facilitating straight talking; developing impact and self-control

Business development

Encouraging operational personnel to be customer-oriented and rigourously and enthusiastically committed to business development


Discovering one’s creative potential, giving up all forms of restraint and using creative techniques to better listen, make decisions and manage in everyday life


Helping the manager to “be more”, to improve capacities of initiative and autonomy, to renew choices and practices and thus helping him to control his professional project


A customized approach: rewording, involving and operational

Making to measure:

Pedagogical action is conceived as a prototype which considers the enterprise culture, adapts to the environment and provides the expected technical answers

Combining tactfully and enthusiastically management and the audiences targeted, ain the sequence “training / motivation / transforming”

Elaborating playful and innovating pedagogies which foster self-experiment: creative activities inspired by theatre, real life situations, personalized scenarios, hands-on workshops, role-plays and video-training…

Enriching our pedagogical approach using the sensitiveness rooted in our theatrical experience:

  • Human contact, sense of rhythm and feeling for leading courses, intuition, pleasure in games
  • Enhancing emotional intelligence and inter-personal skills

Working rigorously and pragmatically on targeted pedagogical results