Sales Developpment

We integrate into the sales sphere every dimension of a change-oriented approach

Speaking is a need. Listening is an art

The aim of all our assignments is to develop in all sales players the following constant priority: putting the Customer in the centre of the thinking and acting process.

For Sales Reps

  • Integrating the selling-recommending approach, and shifting from “product obsession” to a “Customer’s needs” focussed approach.
  • Becoming aware of the fact that achieving objectives requires an in-depth analysis of the customer portfolio and tight targeting based on customer profiles.
  • Developing their listening ability, business creativity, and verbal and behavioural ease to control every dimension of negotiation.

For Sales Managers

  • Constantly putting the customer and its development in the centre of corporate strategy.
  • Being at their team’s service (and not the opposite), in terms of training, improvement, assistance, work organisation, and management of priorities.
  • Setting up a meeting/interview mobilising system helping generate a truly collective process.
  • Integrating all Sales players – Sales reps, back-office, service and operators into the sales process.
  • Causing the entire organisation to become sales-oriented and Customer.

A few recent assignments of our Sales team

Media group

  • Coaching of the Marketing Manager, and joint building up of a Management System: Team mobilising / stimulation, types and pace of meetings, one-to-one interviews etc.
  • Introduction of a new compensation system based on team accountability, and activity boosting.

Banking groups

  • Training program for Sales Adviser teams (both junior and senior).
  • Management training programme for branch managers and market managers.
  • Training managers in passing on their knowledge: “Training of occasional sales trainers”.

Distribution / IT Services / Entertainment-Hotels

  • Design and introduction of operational sales files.
  • Building of Action Plans and Sales Activity Plans.
  • Introduction of sales team coaching, monitoring and development systems.